Safinah Institute was founded in 2009 with the vision of becoming the leading provider of Islamic education for adults. Our students and event attendees largely include tertiary students, fresh graduates, young professionals, newlyweds, as well as young parents.

Over the last 6 years, Safinah has touched more than 15,000 lives through our programmes and live events. Our programmes stand out, mainly because of the fresh new positioning we aim to have in all the courses, talks and events we run, the manner and angling of approaching contemporary issues, and our ongoing efforts to address matters which are relevant to the obstacles and challenges that the Singaporean Muslim community is facing today.


We provide courses and workshops and conduct events that focus on the improvement of the Muslim individual in matters of the world as well as in matters of the soul.


Everybody needs a prayer. So we’re simply here to encourage you – whether you’re going through a hard time, if you’re nervous about taking that first big step in life, or if you simply want to spread the love.


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“Among my takeaways is that our Life evolves and revolves around ONE centre – the Ka’abah, that how you finish is more important than how you begin, the story of the crumpled $5 note, and Subhanallah, many more. I’m continuously learning to put things in positive ways. Thank you Allah for this Gift!”

Siti Mariam

“I liked how relevant the content is for our life today, and how Ustaz Mizi was very straight to the point.”

Norhanna Yumi Ibrahim

“The event is uplifting, inspiring and refreshing. Lots of soul searching & reflecting moments. A chance to meet new friends too. Alhamdulillah, thank you for making this possible.”


“Thanks to all at Safinah for organizing this excellent event. I have enjoyed & learnt a lot. Thanks to all speakers for sharing their valuable knowledge with us. I wish all of you good health. Thanks again.”

Tan Li Tuan


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