“We break down complex Islamic sciences and terminologies, so that
you may appreciate the lessons and then practice with confidence.”


Safinah was founded
back in 2009.

Founded by Ustaz Muhammad Tarmizi bin Abdul Wahid (Ustaz Mizi Wahid) and had its first centre, a 250sq ft room, in the Eastern side of Singapore. That room was utilised as the first classroom conducting between 4 to 5 classes on weeknights and weekends.


SOUL Academy isn’t just another online learning platform, it is designed with the user in mind.


Anytime, Anywhere, After work, On your way home.


Interact with the trainer and fellow classmates in our discussions!


On your smartphone, tablet, or computer – you’ll just need a facebook account.


Get benefits when
you become Friends of Safinah.

Most of our students have benefitted from more than one of our events, with their family and friends. And we believe that they deserve more for their endless support for us. More than just providing to your spiritual needs, we hope to partner with others to ensure your physical and emotional needs are met too!

Coming Soon…


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