Friends of Safinah


Why should I be an FOS member?

Most of our students have benefitted from more than one of our events, with their family and friends. And we believe that they deserve more for their endless support for us. More than just providing to your spiritual needs, we hope to partner with others to ensure your physical and emotional needs are met too!
Hence, we have decided to come up with a membership to bring all of you into the Safinah family and show you some love!

We also believe in supporting other Muslim-businesses as well in their pursuit to find a purpose in their lives and serve the community. Hence, we have carefully curated the merchants whom we believe will bring value to you.
What benefits would my FOS entitle me to?

This card entitles you to:
1. lifetime membership with Safinah
2. Immediate discounts for ALL of our short-term workshops/programmes and long-term courses
3. offers and perks with our partner merchants

How does it work?
Once you have registered, we will mail you your FOS card with a unique serial number.
For course/event registration, select the FOS option and key in your card serial number.
For use at our partner merchants, produce your card upon payment and/or key in the discount code given in the online shopping field.

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