◾I wanted to register but the system prompted me for a password. What should I do?
You will need to create an account first. This is so that, should you are keen to register again in the future, you no longer need to fill up all the details all over again

◾ How do I register?

Follow these steps

  • Go to
  • Select programme(s)
  • Add to Cart
  • Go to cart
  • Click Checkout
  • Select PayPal or Bank Transfer for your payment

◾Will I be getting a physical ticket for the programmes?
No, we do not have any physical tickets. Please refer to our email nearing the event. Your name should be in our list if you have made payment. You may proceed to our registration counter (on the event day) with your name as oer registered


◾Will we be receiving a confirmation email?
You will receive an email reminder at least 3 days – one week prior to the programme. Do email us at if you have not receive any


◾Can I pay by instalment?
For instalment arrangement, do email us at

◾Can we have a refund in the case where we are unable to attend the event?

Our programmes are non refundable, unless the cancellation is by Safinah as the organiser.

◾I have not made payment for the event next week. Do I still need to re-register?
If you have registered for more than a week eithout payment, it is best for you to re-register. If you do not respond for 7 days from day of booking, your name will be given to those listed in our waiting list.

◾Is there any deadline for our payment?
We strongly recommend you to make payment within a week from your booking date. Failing which, we will need to replace your name based on those who paid first especially if seats are fully booked

◾Will we be receiving confirmation email after we have made payment?
If you have made payment via Paypal, your name will automatically be in insyaAllah and event details will be emailed to you at least a week prior. If you have not heard from us a week before event, then feel free to email us at to check on it in case we missed out.


◾I have made the registration but I won’t be able to make it due to unforeseen circumstances. Do I need to email to inform? Can I transfer this to someone else?

Yes our seats are transferable. You do not need to inform us. Simply pass to a friend and get them to register under your name.

◾I am registering for a friend under my name. Will he/she have trouble when he registers at the event?

No, he/she will simply need to mention the exact name as per registered (in this case, your name). Please make sure you provided with the exact name you have given when you registered online.

◾Is there any dress code for us to attend your classes?

Modest dressing will do. And you are not required to don the hijab. Come as you are, bismillah!

◾I am unable to attend but can I have the slides sent to me?
We highly recommend students who attend/registered to have the slides as they would have listened to the entire talk. The slides are in the form of pointers and are not elaborated and may be understood out of context without the trainer’s explanation.

◾Is there any way for me to catch up on the missed lesson? Any video recording, perhaps?
We no longer have video recordings of our event. We are currently experimenting something that is of good quality and cost effective for our post event recordings, in the form of audio recordings for our talks. Help make dua for us to work on the necessary operations.

◾Can we bring our infant/toddler to your event?

Generally, as a basic policy, we won’t mind, as long as the parent of the child is able to gauge when the child is getting restless and needs to leave the room for a while as and when needed. This is what most parents did in the past to prevent any distractions from the main presentation. Admission for an infant/a child who do need a seat is FREE. However, if your child is a toddler an will need a seat, they are chargeable at half price.

◾I can’t seem to find your books in your website anymore. Where and how can we purchase your books? 

You may now purchase all of our books from our exclusive retailer, Wardah Books at or 58 Bussorah Street



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