“Thanks for everything, may Allah SWT bless all of you for holding such heart purifying events! Much needed!”

“3 things I liked best about this: learning the surahs, learning different kind of sunnah prayers and putting them into practice and staying overnight at a mosque – this is something new!”

Sha Md Amsah

“I have learnt so much more about solat Tahajud.  The tips made me realize about my mistakes and had taught me to be a better person”

Muhd Alhanis bin Ahmad Ali

“Alhamdulillah it was a memorable retreat. I love how you revisit stories from the Quran like surah al-Kahf. The theme was appropriate especially since we needed the time to take a step back to reflect on ourselves with the new year around the corner and by performing the supererogatory prayers, it was a form of spiritual rejuvenation that was necessary as it recharges our iman. Syukran Ustaz for organising such a wonderful event”

Nur Atiqah

“One thing for sure, I love listening to Ustaz telling us the stories from the surahs. Especially when the surahs are brought down for a reason and we should strive to understand the meanings of all the surahs. I definitely will look forward to attend the next session. :) Thank u to all the participants too for making it happen. Such a lively group we had!

Hawa Hassan

“ALHAMDULILLAH had an amazing experience at Ustaz Mizi’s Peace Retreat on Friday & Saturday. I am grateful. Brings back my love for night prayers and the feeling that I get when I do it. So peaceful, calm, rejuvenated & relaxed.”

Zeal Zainuddin

“This was a perfect retreat mashaAllah! We are still feelin the effects of it. We came there with dark clouds hovering over our heads and our hearts feelin heavy…We left with such peace and tranquility in our hearts…So much we’ve learnt on how to be calm…will insyaAllah try to remember and implement. Alhamdulillah, great job! everything that was shared was deep and thought provoking. We are lookin forward to attending more of such events in future, insyaAllah”

Jasima & Diyanah

“My 1st time attending a Safinah programme – masyaAllah was a homerun! The qiyamullai was sublime & so gratifying. Thank you Ustaz Mizi for telling it how it is, allowing us to be honest & face our vices faith on. I took away what I needed from this retreat, I take away new found peace. Humbling.”

Mazuin Hamsah

“It’s a blessing from Allah s.w.t after attended the Discover Your Inner Peace Retreat by Ustaz Mizi Wahid @ An Nahdah Mosque , feeling of calm, love, forgiving, letting go and peaceful. Feeling the Power love and beauty of Allah during the Qiyamullai.Thank you ustaz for organising this event.”

Roszilah M Nor Business Owner

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