Safinah was founded back in 2009 by Ustaz Muhammad Tarmizi bin Abdul Wahid (Ustaz Mizi Wahid) and had its first centre, a 250sq ft room, in the Eastern side of Singapore. That room was utilised as the first classroom conducting between 4 to 5 classes on weeknights and weekends.

A few months on, as the number of students grew, we started renting another room just next door. Less than a year ahead – as Allah willed – an opportunity to take over a much larger space in a slightly more convenient location presented itself to us via one of our contacts, and we moved in to our new home which is approximately 6 times the size of our original unit. We are ever-grateful to Allah for this chance and to all of our staff and students who have been supporting us all this while.


“We break down complex Islamic sciences and terminologies…

…so that you may appreciate the lessons and then practice with confidence.”


A reliable partner in personal and professional growth, inspiring exceptional solutions and breakthrough services, navigated by the ethos of Islamic tradition

About Us

Safinah currently has 5 full-time staffs, 2 lead trainers and a number of freelance trainers running all our classes and events on a daily basis. We focus on Islamic education that fits the current modern context, meeting the needs of our audience who are adults from various backgrounds.

Safinah has sailed through a long way and branched out, with the grace of Allah, into several departments under Safinah Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Safinah Institute:

Safinah Institute conducts classes, courses and hold special events and workshops that touch on current topics and interests. Our weekly courses introduce and enrich the Islamic knowledge of our audience whereas our events address the contemporary issues faced by our society.


Safinah Development Centre:

Safinah Development Centre runs specialised hands-on programmes that will expose and prepare fresh graduates and young adults for their career paths and for some, their entrepreneurial journeys.