Changing Your Lenses


We often pride ourselves, ‘To do good and be good’.

We often share the sentiments of, ‘To do no harm’.

With time, you realize that every single one of us has a different definition or

levels of what is good, what is harmful or what is acceptable to one’s values.

These are inevitably shaped by our experiences, memories and undoubtedly,

Our attachments to anything or anyone – be it conscious or subconscious.

These attachments are the ones that we associate in our moments of

happiness, sadness, fear and grief.

But in that momentary chaos of your emotional turmoil,

Please do not spiral down or be elated by it,

for, it is only a minute fraction of His grander plan for you.

Yes, YOU.

To Him,

every moment is an opportunity for you to grow, progress and evolve.

To Him,

every moment is for you to seek, understand and comprehend.

Seek His counsel at all times.

Understand that His hands are in every minute and fraction of your lives.

And, comprehend that you are never in control.

Nothing more, nothing less.

That’s why for a believer,

Everything that happens to him or her is constantly great and amazing.

For the good, is not yours to define.

And the harmful, is neither yours, either.

What gives you the authority to define and differentiate those moments?

In our limited mental capacity to comprehend His definitions,

Or even try to contextualize His designs,

I guess, this is one of the critical reasons as to why Allah SWT highlights,

“But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows, while you know not” (2:216).


So, take that courage to change your lenses.

and start referring to His dictionary instead of your own experiences,

to redefine your worldview, so that you can truly seek and understand,

the simple differences in His Merciful eyes of

what truly is – ‘beneficial’ and ‘harmful’;

to the human soul, heart and mind.

Written by: Zubaidah Yusoff

Zubaidah is currently pursuing her post-graduate education in Melbourne. She enjoys long walks by the beaches, honest conversations with her friends and staying active. She firmly believes that life is about – what you make out of it and the constant need to recreate yourself on a daily basis.