Why do I find it hard to pray?


Many a time, we feel lazy as solat time gets closer. Or the nearer the time for solat is, the busier we get.

One may be totally full of energy working on something until they stand to pray, they will yawn. One may be awake the whole night until it’s time for “fajr” prayer, they will knowingly fall into the world of dreams. It is the common behaviour among us where we prioritize sleeping over solat, and as a result, we delay the solat, or we do not perform it at all.

‘Why do I find it hard to pray?’ is a common reflective question, which every Muslim asks himself, especially those who are concerned about their religious and spiritual progress.

Solat, as it may seem as simple physical exercise to some, it is one of the heaviest ‘ibadah’ to be carried out.  It is only light and easy for one group of people. These are the people who have fell in love truly with Allah s.w.tkhasyi’un. The fact that solat is a heavy and difficult duty, comes to reflect its importance and its rewards, if observed appropriately.

If only we could be consistent in solat, then we would have most of the things sewn up (spiritually speaking).  We should realise that this very idea reveal how it works with Allah and us and our ibadah, and how we really can do nothing on our own. If we could do all the things we know to do and should do, we probably would not return to Allah again and again asking for His help, depending on His means to make a way for us to be obedient. Thus, when we observe our solat, we would not be consistently worried and burdened with the unsettled worldly affairs, knowing that Allah is there for us.

The question is now, how do we motivate ourselves to steadily adhere to Solat?

Imagine a scenario where your child who claims to love you dearly but fails to abide by your instructions. Will you be able to trust him? We all claim love for Allah, but we almost, always fail to attend to the basics of His instructions. How do we expect Him to trust us in our claims that we love Him?

The best thing which will work out for us to pray consistently is to treat each day like it is the only day we have to live, and that each prayer is the last prayer we will make in our life. Another method is where we can consider practising one of the following characteristics, or we can combine all together if possible.

The THREE characteristics are:

  • Remember that solat was decreed and prescribed by Allah, s.w.t.
  • Visualize the rewards, awaiting those who establish solat, and
  • Be mindful of the consequences of missing solat

We should know that each day is a practice for making the next day better. What we did not get right today, we will have a chance to try again tomorrow, insyaAllah. Some days we will fail, and some we will succeed, but it is our continual trying and not giving up that is going to make a lot of difference on judgment day.

The best we can do is to know how merciful Allah is, for He knows best of all our struggles, and as long as we continually turn to Him with our weaknesses, He will act justly with us. As long our hearts remains sincere and yearning to submit to Allah, Allah will provide mercies for us when we need them.


Written by: Syara Rahmat