9 Perks Of Being A Young Mum


young motherWriting this today seems like an impossibility only two years ago. A 3 month old baby is lying beside me, while a full bucket of baby laundry awaits attention from this 22 year old mother. Outside home, weird glances are the norm as I stumble into trains with a stroller, but it’s something we get used to. Glares and stares all around whenever he starts crying.

Well, youth has its perks too.

1. You feel full.
Of energy, that is. Having a baby is draining and it deprives you of sleep, immersing you in round-the-clock shifts. But I do feel that being younger, I am stronger, and this makes it a whole lot easier.

2. You are healthy.
And this is of utmost importance, in my opinion. Getting pregnant at a young age reduces the risk of premature pregnancies or miscarriage, perhaps because this is when your body is at its most fertile stage.

3. You recover faster.
You lose all that baby weight gain a whole lot faster, and your body returns to what it was really really quickly.

4. Your career isn’t really affected.
You’re still new in your career and perhaps not as significant as if you were older. And probably, your employers don’t really miss your absence when you’re on maternity.

5. Your child is your new friend.
The smaller age gap between you and your child leads to a tighter bond with him. If he does get into university, You’ll be in your early 40’s when he graduates, and you’ll get to stand proudly at his convocation, a young mum with a young graduate son. This greatly appeals to me, as I wouldn’t want to be chasing after toddlers at that age!

6. You will want more.
You’re healthy. You’re full of energy. And the thought of another baby appeals greatly. My husband’s mum had all her SEVEN kids before she reached 30, and boy is she enjoying life right now. You feel more strongly that this is the right time to complete your family, nurture them all and create beautiful bonds. There’s no point in waiting for the perfect time that will never come.

7. You learn faster.
There is a whole list of things that my husband and I must get up to speed with. Theory and practice come together in crazy ways and the learning curve is steep. This is where you learn the immense importance of sacrifice of patience. The more sabar you have, the more ajr you get. It’s like a growth spurt in maturity

8. You make your own decisions.
With your husband, that is. With this newfound responsibility comes newfound empowerment. You’ll feel and know that that every decision about your child is in your hands, and no one else can or should interfere.

9. It is all about your baby.
Your world revolves around your baby, and it will always be about your baby. When my son is sick, I would pray dearly to Allah for his quick recovery. When he cries, I would recite Quran to calm him down. When he smiles, I pray to Allah that he has a bright future both in his dunya and in the akhirah. Having a baby has led me closer to Him, the Giver of Gifts.

The amanah entrusted upon me have led to me appreciating and loving my parents more, knowing that they once did all of this for my siblings and I. Being gifted with a son means a great amanah and responsibility from Allah and I have never loved anyone like I love my baby boy.

Written by: Liyana Musfirah Anwar (in-house writer)
Edited by: Syara Rahmat